Douglas Geers
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Sapling:  Work for piano and live electroacoustic music (11 minutes; 2015)
      video on Youtube     PDF score    notes

    Father's Dream Reliquary: Interactive Installation (vintage radio, electronics. 2014).
     video (brief demonstration)     MP3 (demonstration audio)     notes

    Mille Regretz (fache amoureuse):  Work for SATB choir and live electroacoustic music (6 minutes; 2011)
MP3     PDF score     notes

    Inanna's Descent:  Work for violin and live electroacoustic music (11 minutes; 2010)
      MP3     PDF score     notes

    Stolen Blue: Work for 8-channel electroacoustic fixed media playback (6 minutes; 2014)
      MP3     notes

    Sweep:  Work for violin, percussion, and laptop orchestra (12 minutes; 2008)
      Video Clip

    Laugh Perfumes: violin concerto with multimedia elements (20 minutes; 2006).
     MP3     PDF score     notes

    Tremor Transducer: chamber music with live electroacoustics (15 minutes; 2004).
     MP3     PDF score     notes

    Enkiduviolin and live electroacoustics (11 minutes; 2001-02).
     MP3     PDF score     notes
        This work is an excerpt from the composer's 70-minute multimedia Theatrical work Gilgamesh.
        A short Quicktime video excerpt of Gilgamesh may be found here.

    Memory Dust: big band and live electroacoustics (8 minutes; 2003)
     MP3     PDF score     notes

    Reality House: chamber ensemble (15 minutes; 1998)
     MP3     PDF score     notes

    Ripples: 2-channel electroacoustic music (7.5 minutes; 1997).
     MP3     PDF code     notes

    Twisted Pair: 8-channel electroacoustic music (2-channel mix; 6 minutes; 2003).
     MP3     notes

    Sønreel:    Electroacoustic improvisation group
    Music for Fish album

    Additional recordings available on Soundcloud and