Douglas Geers

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[Maja Cerar]

[Maja Cerar]

Title Appliance
Genre: Performance installation
Duration: variable
Score: N/A
Audio: Upon request
Video: Upon request

[empty space]Appliance is an interactive music/sculpture performance installation project created by composer Douglas Geers, artist Thomas Charveriat, and violinist Maja Cerar. In the piece, a violinist wears a sensor-laden glove on her right hand. Her finger motions on this hand trigger then sensors and send signals to control and perform computer music sounds. The raw violin sound is amplified and processed, and other electroacoustic sounds play at various times based upon the performer's manipulation of the glove. Meanwhile, the performer moves about the sculpture installation space and operates a footpedal to activate a number of musical, mechanical sculptures.

For more information on the glove and its associated software used in this project, please refer to my research page on this work. You may also visit Thomas Charveriat's web page about Appliance, where we have published materials about this piece in even greater detail, including information on the construction and control of the sculptures.