Douglas Geers
Invisible Arms

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Title Invisible Arms
Genre: Two percussion, violin,
electric bass, and computer                          
Duration: 11 minutes
Score: Upon request 
Audio: Upon request 

Invisible Arms is a piece of electrified, semi-improvised chamber music, which can be (and has been) performed with accompanying video and dance. The instruments are violin, electric bass, two percussion, and eight channels of electronics, six of which are "mobile" during the piece. The electronics contain samples from television, harmonic blocks, and a recording of my grandfather I made many years ago for a high school civics class assignment. The violin and bass parts are written out, but the percussion parts improvise from graphically-notated parts. This recording was made live at Bathe in the Blue Light, August 1999. Maja Cerar, violin; John Lee, bass; Ramin Amir Arjomand, percussion 1; Toby Broadie, percussion 2. The video track was created by Christine Sciulli; choreography by Julie Grinfeld.

If you would like to know more about the methods used to compose this piece, please email Doug Geers