Douglas Geers
Carol's Cliff

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Title Carol's Cliff
Genre: piano and two percussion                          
Duration: 15 minutes
Audio: MP3 of complete work HERE

Carol's Cliff was written for pianist (who chants & plays a bit of percussion) 2 percussionists (who also chant a bit), and live mixed electronics. The title refers to my parents, Carol and Cliff Geers, to whom the music is dedicated. The piece consists of seven sections which run atacca. Most of the sections (#1, 3, 5, &6) have significant amounts of both live playing and electronics. Two sections (#2 & 4) are nearly entirely devoid of electronic sounds, and one section (#6) is electronics only. All of the electronic music consists of voice and telephone sounds, processed to varying degrees. This recording is taken from a performance on June 26, 1998 at Corbett Auditorium, Cincinnati, Ohio. Adam Bowles, piano; Stuart Gerber, percussion 1; Brian Short, percussion 2; and Douglas Geers, electronics.

If you would like to know more about the methods used to compose this piece, please email Doug Geers