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Title Demons
Genre: Electroacoustic music
Duration: 2 minutes
Score: N/A
Audio: MP3 HERE 
Video: Upon request 

[empty space]Demons is a brief computer music work (2 minutes duration) based upon a poem of the same name by New York poet Guillermo Castro. All sounds in the piece are derived from a recording of Mr. Castro reading his poem.

This work is also available as a multimedia work, with video created by artist Christine Sciulli.  Video is available upon request.

The text to the poem Demons is:
They wake me before morning
To partake in their weary arguments
Regarding my inadequacy
In just about everything.

For emphasis they twist and tug
At my back muscles
As if I, too, ought to know what it`s like
To sport reptilian wings.

--Guillermo Castro

Read more about Mr. Castro and his works at