Douglas Geers
Electroacoustic Video Suite and Three Impressions

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Title Three Impressions
Genre: Electroacoustic Music
with video
Duration: 16 minutes
Score: N/A
Audio: Upon request. 
Video: Click for 
Realaudio movie.

[empty space]Electroacoustic Video Suite and Three Impressions are two versions of a single multi-movement work for computer music and video. Electroacoustic Video Suite is the full version, consisting of five movements and lasting approximately 29 minutes; Three Impressions is a reduced version of the work, consisting of three movements with a total duration of about ten minutes.

The suites were constructed by producing videos for existing computer music by Mr. Geers. Electroacoustic Video Suite is composed of the pieces Ripples, Demons, Atomic Tango, Hole in Pocket, and Soft and Sky Melting. Three Impressions is composed of the middle three pieces from EVS. Please refer to the webpage for each individual piece for more information about it.

The videos for Three Impressions were created by visual artist Christine Sciulli. (Ms. Sciulli also collaborated with Mr. Geers on the multimedia piece Invisible Arms. See the brief biography below for more information about Ms. Sciulli and her work.)

Of the other two movements, one video (Ripples) was created by the composer and the other (Soft and Sky Melting) by the composer in collaboration for composer/artist R. Luke Dubois. See Luke's page for more information about his work.

Christine Sciulli is a visual artist who lives and works in NYC. She holds an engineering degree from PSU and an MFA in Combined Media from Hunter College. Her installation works have been exhibited in New York and the Netherlands. She also collaborates with composers and choreographers to create visual components for multimedia pieces.

These works are available for performance--contact Douglas Geers for information about presenting them, their creation, or the artists involved.