Douglas Geers
Exit to City

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Title Exit to City
Genre: berimbau and computer                          
Duration: 10 minutes
Score: Available upon request.
Audio: MP3 excerpt HERE
Complete recording available upon request

Exit to City is a virtuosic work of approximately twelve minutes duration for solo performer who plays the berimbau, an Afro-Brazilian instrument consisting of a gourd body and monochord. In this piece, the performer also vocalizes and uses his/her foot to control a real time electroacoustic processing system, created by the composer and running in the Max/MSP software platform. The performer wears a headset mic to capture his/her voice and mounts another mic on or in the instrument itself. Taps on a MIDI footpedal advance the processing settings through the piece, which are marked "DSP 1", "DSP 2", and etc. through the score.

Conceptually, this work investigates shamanistic spirituality in music, inspired by various sources from ancient traditions to soul music and rock/punk. The piece was written for and dedicated to percussionist Greg Beyer, whose generous help during the process of composition was invaluable.

In performance of Exit to City, the performer wears a headset microphone and another small microphone is attached to the berimbau.  The audio signal from these feed into a computer running software created by the composer in the Max/MSP environment. This software listens to the microphone signals and alters them based on preprogrammed algorithms and realtime manipulation.

If you would like to know more about the methods used to compose this piece, please email Doug Geers