Douglas Geers
Jugular Juices

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[photo of performance]

[image of performance]

Title Jugular Juices
Genre: Music for spoken word,
guitar, and computer.
Duration: 15 minutes
Score: N/A
Audio: MP3 excerpt HERE
Video: N/A 

Jugular Juices is an 15 minute improvisatory piece for acoustic guitar, computer, and spoken word artist.
It was a co-creation of Mr. Geers (computer) with composer Alex Lubet (guitar) and hip hop poet Tou Saiko Lee (text and spoken word performance.)

During performance, the computer processes both the guitar and voice live. It also records segments of each instrument's performance for playback with manipulations later during the piece. In addition, the computer also creates its own sounds, including banks of rich timbres created via additive synthesis, playback of created sounds, and live creation of algorithmically realized rhythmic patterns on physical models of percussion instruments.

Much thanks to Alex Lubet and Tou Saiko Lee for their creative energies in this piece, which was an amazingly successful collaborative experience.