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Bride of Kong

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[Guillermo Castro]

[Guillermo Castro]

Title Bride of Kong
Genre: Comic music theater
Duration: 10 minutes
Score: Upon request
Audio: Upon request
Video: N/A 

[empty space]Bride of Kong was written for the 2000 NonSequitur Festival in New York City. The piece is the result of a close collaboration with
poet Guillermo Castro, who wrote the work's text specifically for this composition. The work explores ideas of sexuality, isolation,
and American culture as seen through the pop icon of King Kong.

Below is an excerpt of Guillermo Castro's poem Bride of Kong.  Please contact Mr. Castro for the complete text.

When big Kooky Kong
broke out of the jungle...

I thought, Am I ready for this?
Effortlessly he plucked me
from the mud of rainforest cake
as I screamed and screamed.
Life on Skull Island
was not different from Manhattan:
short and vicious. Still,
I imagined him in Brooklyn
with his pecs buffed
by a mucky sun.

One thing I learned:
He hated the natives' drumming.
Hence he'd leave his jungle
to silence them. Then
he'd find the offering
of a bride. Kong'd take her

the way he took me, I believe,
our bodies adorned with flowers
as if we were in the road
production of Hair. No,
I never wanted to find out
what happened to the other brides.

--Guillermo Castro

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