Douglas Geers
Memory Dust

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Title Memory Dust
Genre: Big band and computer                          
Duration: 8.5 minutes
Audio: MP3 excerpt HERE
MP3 of complete work HERE

Memory Dust
is an 8-9 minute piece for jazz big band and live electroacoustic music, written for Dean Sorenson and the University of Minnesota jazz ensemble. It was premiered in a series of performances at the Barker Dance Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 3-5, 2003 as part of the festival "Minnesota Jazz: Not Just the Same Old Song and Dance" and was performed again by the same players on May 5, 2003 at Ted Mann Hall in Minneapolis.

The work features juxtaposition of two three dimensional harmonic matrices: One using five-note chords generally reminiscent of jazz harmonies, and the other using spectrally-dervied twenty-eight note harmonies. In the case of the latter harmonies, the computer synthesizes these live during performance.

The thematic material of the work similarly juxtaposes jazz-like sounds with other textures. While nearly completely written-out, the piece also allows for some improvisation and has a group improvisation, with computer, near its conclusion.

If you would like to know more about the methods used to compose this piece, please email Doug Geers