Douglas Geers
Amid Mirrors

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Title Amid Mirrors
Genre: computer-generated sounds                   
Duration: 11 minutes
Score: N/A
Audio: Upon request

Amid Mirrors is a computer music piece inspired by this statement by Los Angeles Times columnist William Pfaff: "We in the West have constructed for ourselves a system which, by dealing only with material gratifications, blocks fundamental reality from us, substituting illusion and escape...One is impelled to believe that for these people in Eastern and Balkan Europe, and the Baltics, and elsewhere in what used to be the Soviet Union, the outcome will be better than for us, simply because they do deal daily with the truths of existence while we remain amidst mirrors and indulgence. I do not know whether those are statements of optimism or pessimism."

The sounds of this music are mainly derived from a few vocal and trumpet samples. Amid Mirrors was written at the Columbia University Computer Music Center in May, 1996.

If you would like to know more about the methods used to compose this piece, please email Doug Geers