Douglas Geers
No York Globe Cell

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Title No York Globe Cell
Genre: Electroacoustic
Duration: 5 minutes
Score: N/A
Audio: MP3 available HERE
Video: Live video performance available upon request.

[empty space]No York Globe Cell is a brief electroacoustic work, written by request of the 2009 International Electroacoustic Music
Festival of Brooklyn College, CUNY, where I now teach.  In homage to the festival, the title of the piece is an anagram
of "Brooklyn College."

Nearly all sounds in the piece were created from two samples: The falling major third "bing-bong" of a NYC subway door
and an automated male voice from an NYC subway saying, "Stand clear of the closing doors, please."  These samples
were manipulated only using techniques possible in an analogue electronic music studio: Reversal, speed change,
looping, enveloping, crossfades, and filtering.