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[image of Sweep performance]

[photo of Sweep performance]

Music for amplified violin, percussion, and laptop orchestra.
12 minutes
Score: Available upon request
Audio: MP3 excerpt HERE
Video: Click image to left.

Sweep is a concerto for solo violin with percussionist and Wiimote orchestra.  Commissioned by PLOrk, the Princeton University laptop orchestra, Sweep was premiered in April, 2008 at the Sonic Divergence Festival in Chicago. 

The goal of Sweep is to engender a sense of communal awareness of physicality among the players. All members of the orchestra perform by waving remote controllers from the Nintendo Wii video game system, informally known as wiimotes.  Wiimotes contain sensors to track acceleration and directional orientation, and Sweep takes advantage of this, exploring the physical gestures of music performance. 

In Sweep the motions made to play traditional instruments, the violin and percussion, combine with other motions, both choreographic and from daily life; and these motions are applied both to the acoustic instruments and the wiimotes.  Through much of the piece the laptop players must watch the conductor and improvise variations of his movements, as well react musically to the performances of the violinist, percussionist, and the other laptop players.

Many thanks to Dan Trueman and Perry Cook, the directors of PLOrk, for making this work possible.  Thanks also to Maja Cerar, Cameron Britt, and all the members of PLOrk.

If you would like to know more about the methods used to compose this piece, please email Doug Geers