Douglas Geers
Atomic Tango

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Title Atomic Tango
Genre: Electroacoustic
Duration: 6 minutes
Score: N/A
Audio: MP3 available HERE
Video: Video by Christine Sciulli.
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Atomic Tango is a brief electroacoustic work, written as part of the 31st Festival Synthese Bourges 2001 Open Work project, "The Creation of the World." In this project, composers and sound artists from around the world were invited to write a 4 to 6 minute piece on the subject "the creation of the world." Atomic Tango is my answer to that invitation. The idea was to try to represent in electronic music some processes akin to the time when life was first arising on the Earth. In my music, atomic musical elements appear, evolve, and swim as in a primordial soup. At times these atoms join into larger forms; however, as in the history of biological evolution, most of these combinations fail, either dying by slowly withering away or through cataclysmic tragedy. Progress is not linear; and in reality, unlike this piece, there is no end. Composed while in residence at the NoTAM studios, Oslo, Norway, April 2001.

This piece is now available on the second album of the Electric Music Collective, Defiant. Please see for more information.

Innova Recordings has selected Atomic Tango for their CD, Sonic Circuits IX. The CD is available on the Innova website.

For more information about the composition of this piece, click here for brief compositional notes.