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Title Turnstile
Genre: violin and computer-generated sounds                          
Duration: 5.5 minutes
Score: PDF HERE 
Audio: MP3 HERE

Turnstile is a work for violin with computer-generated sounds which contrasts moments of "interior" and "exterior" experience, plunging the listener into an auditory environment of samples which have been abstracted to varying degrees and contrasting supple melodic lines and soft textures with boisterous rhythms and crunchy sound colors. The piece, comissioned by and written for violinist Maja Cerar, juxtaposes and connects musical moments, immersing the solo violin in a dreamlike accompaniment of processed samples. Maja Cerar, violin.

For more information about the composition of this piece, click here for brief compositional notes.

If you would like to know more about this piece, please email Doug Geers