Douglas Geers
Twisted Pair

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Title Twisted Pair
Genre: 8-channel electroacoustic music
Duration: 6 minutes
Score: N/A
Audio: MP3 HERE
Video: N/A 

Twisted Pair is a brief work that explores issues of origin, chance combination, and consequences. In it, signal processing techniques have been applied to combine "parent" source materials into new sound objects that exhibit varying degrees of stability and coherence. In particular, the thematic materials of the work were processed through a number of algorithmically programmed moving filters and spectrum-altering routines.

On another level, this piece is also an act of reveling in the beautiful sound qualities of harmonic distortion, inspired by a range of musicians from Iannis Xenakis to Neil Young. The piece also makes use of eight-channel sound (double diamond arrangement) to help to provide sounds with distinct localization characteristics and to immerse the listener inside this vivid sonic environment during concert performances.

This work is available on the 2004 CD release by the Electric Music Collective, Defiant. See or for more information.