10/19/2005: Hi. Here is a downloadable version of my Hop, Jr. processing software. Please give it a try, and if it doesn't work, let me know. If you do send an email, please let me know all the errors reported in the "Status" window.

IMPORTANT--Before downloading, read here:
Please note that the software is compressed in the .sitx format. Because I don't own the fancy version of Stuffit, you need to do a few things to make this work:
1. Download the file by holding down the CTRL button and then clicking on the link. This should bring up a menu of choices, and one of them will be "Download linked file". Choose this and the app should download to your machine.
2. When the file is on your machine, it will likely have both the ".six" AND the ".txt" filename extensions. Click on the file name and erase the ".txt". Your computer will ask you if you really want to change the extension to ".sitx" Say "Yes".
3. When the file is a proper .sitx file it should look like a little box with a green label on it. This is a Stuffit archive. Double-click this to open the file.

CTRL->Click HERE to download HopJr as a compressed file (.sitx).

OK, now for those of you who want to challenge your CPU a bit more, here is the full version of Hop (see link below). I have to warn you that I made this for myself, and so some things are customized for my particular machine. However, aside from some things not loading automatically, it should work. Give it a try! Maybe someday if I have enough time I'll make a version that isn't customized for myself...

CTRL->Click HERE to download Hop (full version) as a compressed file (.sitx).
Note that you might have to go through the hoops described above regarding the .sitx file of HopJr to make this one work too.

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