Douglas Geers

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Titles followed by an asterisk indicate works that are available in their entirety in MP3 format.

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scores and recordings of Geers' music are available here and here .
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Selected Works:
Year Title Instrumentation
2017 Teach Sum, Cheat Sum two instruments and voice synthesizer
2015 Ephemeral Talisman improvising ensemble and live electroacoustic music
2015 Last Syllable Live electroacoustic music and video
2015 Oracle improvising duo and live electroacoustic music
2015 Sapling piano and live electroacoustic music
2014 Cumulonimbus solo instrument and live electroacoustic music
2014 Bloom Boundary electroacoustic music
2014 Stolen Blue 8-channel electroacoustic music
2014 Father's Dream Reliquary Interactive installation: vintage radio and electronics
2011 Simple Time electroacoustic ensemble
2011 Mille Regretz (fache amoureuse) SATB choir plus computer
2011 Stratus electroacoustic ensemble
2011 Quiet Town Will electroacoustic music
2010 Inanna's Descent violin and computer (concert work based on Inanna)
2009 Inanna 90-minute multimedia concerto-drama, scored for actress/singer, violin, male chorus, and computer music.
2009 No York Globe Cell elecroacoustic music
2008 Calling 90-minute opera, scored for mezzo three sopranos, baritone, boy soprano, SATB chorus, SA children's chorus, Bb clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello, and computers.
Tight Tie Size Try Bb bass clarinet, piano, two percussion
Sweep violin soloist, percussion, sixteen computers performed via wireless remote controllers.
Clean Up  spoken word, percussion, violin, three computers
2007 Verbosity Ore electroacoustic music
Mere Seer Jog electroacoustic music
2006 Laugh Perfumes concerto for violin and orchestra (3,3,3,3;4,3,3,1; 2 perc; timp; strings.  Chamber version in-progress)
Outlier chamber orchestra (1,1,1,1; 1,1; piano, 1 perc; 2, 1, 1, 1)
2005 Obsessive Currents violin + computer (live electroacoustic music)
Twisted Pairings:
Wired at Tip
mixed ensemble + electroacoustic music
Shadow violin + computer (live electroacoustic music)
Syndrome Gear electroacoustic music
Lunar Crescent any instrument + computer (live electroacoustic music)
2004 Tremor Transducer * Flute, piano, percussion, violin, cello, and live electroacoustic music
How I Learned to Draw a Sheep Voices, electroacoustics, and piano
2003 Memory Dust * Big Band and live electroacoustic music
Exit to City berimbau and live electroacoustic music
Jugular Juices guitar, spoken word, computer
Twisted Pair eight-channel fixed media computer music
2002 Gilgamesh violin, computer, multimedia
Shambat violin solo
Uruk violin and computer
2001 Ghost Sonata violin, piano, voice, electronics
Electroacoustic Video Suite/ Three Impressions computer music with video
Atomic Tango * electroacoustic music
Qunu Music for SATB choir
Enkidu Music for violin with realtime interactive processing
2000 Demons * Computer music, based on a poetry reading by Guillermo Castro
Bride of Kong Music for voices, piano, percussion, and electronics
Appliance performance installation work for violin, mechanized sculptures, and interactive computer music
Glass Wall Suite Dance suite for amplified chamber ensemble and electronics
1999 Turnstile * violin and electronics
Ten Or So shakuhachi and 4-channel electronics with video
Invisible Arms violin, electric bass, two percussion, and eight channel electronics (six channels independently mobile), with video and dance
For Rosa solo piano
Miscellaneous by Weight multitrack computer music for semi-improvisatory performance with live mixed video
1998 Reality House * violin, viola, cello, contrabass, flute, clarinet, and trombone
Echo Impressions computer music
Hole in Pocket computer music
Carol's Cliff * two percussion, piano, and live mixed electronics
Freeway Dreams computer music with optional slide projections
1997 Ripples * computer music with optional video
Suite from "The End of Something" computer music for film
1996 Soft and Sky Melting * computer music with optional video
Sugar Cookie computer music
Blue Haikus flute, clarinet, trumpet, cello, and percussion
Amid Mirrors computer music
1995 Ken's Mistake computer music
Breath, Tongue, Fingertips solo flute
BobTalk computer music
Play of Lights computer music
1994 Little Sleep's-Head Sprouting Hair in the Moonlight songs for baritone, guitar, and mixed electronics
* Titles followed by an asterisk indicate works that are available in their entirety in MP3 format.