Douglas Geers
Available Scores and Parts

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Douglas Geers publishes his music via
Douglas Geers Music, and the following scores and parts are available:

Title  Instrumentation perusal PDF Duration Year
(link to more info
 if available)
[white space] Solo instruments (with and without electronics) [white space] [white space]
Inanna's Descent violin and live computer music 11 minutes 2010
Enkidu violin and live computer music EnkiduPDF 11 minutes 2001
Turnstile violin and CD playback Turnstile PDF 5.5 minutes 1999
Shadow violin and live computer music Shadow PDF 8 minutes 2005
Shambat violin (optional signal processing) 4 minutes 2002
Obsessive Currents violin and live computer music Obsessive Currents PDF 11 minutes 2005
Uruk violin with live computer music 10 minutes 2002
Breath, Tongue, Fingertips solo flute 8 minutes 1995
Sapling solo piano with live electronics 10 minutes 2015
For Rosa solo piano 8.5 minutes 1999
Scrambler solo piano ScramblerPDF 2 minutes 2010
Exit to City berimbau and live computer music 10 minutes 2003
Cumulonimbus solo improvising instrument plus live computer music 7 minutes 2014
Lunar Crescent solo improvising instrument plus live computer music 7.5 minutes 2004
Ten or So improvising instrument with CD or four-channel playback and optional video
(co-composed with Phil Mantione; video by Alysse Stephanian)
12.5 minutes 1999
Chamber groups (with and without electronics)
Tremor Transducer Flute, piano, percussion, violin, cello, and live electroacoustic music TremorPDF 15 minutes 2004
Reality House flute/picc., Bb clarinet, trombone, violin, viola, cello, contrabass RealityPDF 15 minutes 1998
Tight Tie Size Try clarinet, piano, two percussion 1.5 minutes 2008
Community Rising percussion, violin, three laptops, and spoken word 12 minutes 2008
Blue Haikus clarinet, trumpet, percussion, piano, cello 12 minutes 1996
Carol's Cliff piano, two percussion, computer 16 minutes 1997-98
Invisible Arms violin, electric bass guitar, two percussion, CD playback 10 minutes 1999
Simple Time improvising ensemble and computer 7 minutes 2011
Stratus improvising ensemble and computer 7 minutes 2011
Twisted Pairings improvising ensemble and computer 6 minutes 2005
Vocal Works
Mille Regretz (fache amoureuse) SATB plus computer 5 minutes 2011
Choral Excerpts from Calling SSAATTBB, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello, live computer music 20 minutes 2008
How Long soprano, soprano, alto, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello, computer
(piano reduction available)
10 minutes 2007
Qunu SSAATTBB choir 9 minutes 2001
Little Sleeps-Head Sprouting Hair in the Moonlight Baritone, guitar, and (optional) CD playback 20 minutes 1994
Bride of Kong soprano, alto (optional doublings), piano, percussion, and CD playback 9 minutes 2000
How I Learned to Draw a Sheep multiple solo singers, computer, piano 55 minutes 2004
Large ensemble works
Sweep Violin, percussion, and laptop orchestra 12 minutes 2008
Calling A 90-minute opera, scored for soprano and baritone, SSAATTBB choir (with soloists), children's choir, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello, and computer 90 minutes 2008
Laugh Perfumes concerto for violin and symphonic orchestra LaughPDF 20 minutes 2006
Outlier chamber orchestra 10 minutes 2006
Memory Dust jazz big band and computer 8.5 minutes 2003
Glass Wall Suite alto saxophone, mandolin, 2 guitars, piano, 2 electronic keyboards, 3 percussion, and electronics 24.5 minutes 2000
Multimedia with Performers
Gilgamesh actor, violin, computer music 70 minutes 2002
Inanna actress, violin, computer music 90 minutes 2009
Fixed Media (audio, audio with video)
Numerous stereo electroacoustic fixed media works, 1996-present.
Include multichannel pieces and works with video.
Complete list available upon request./small>
Stolen Blue multichannel audio 6 minutes 2014

Please see individual web pages for many of these works, linked from Geers' list of works.  

Please email Douglas Geers for further information, purusal materials, and prices.